I​.​E​.​M​.​A. Group Tape #2

by Anvil Creations

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In the 1980s, Ken Moore took over the assemblage and distribution of the Group Tape project for the International Electronic Music Association, which was headed up by General Jim Finch, who by this time, was residing in New York state. Jim had put together the songs used for Collective Tape #1, and Ken took over the mailing for orders received. After that, the job of gathering the music for tapes #2 through #6 were up to Moore, and by 1984, when Ken decided to quit the project, Finch had released one more cassette, for which the master recording has been lost.

So here we have the second in a series of electronic music tapes that were produced by the artists named here, solicited by the IEMA, and personally chosen by the music director, Ken Moore, to represent the ideals and goals of the Association. This, being basically, to promote independent music in general, and specifically, to show that synthesizers were a key instrument in the development the music for the future. The idea was to share musical styles, and encourage each other to create something better than what was available on the commercial market.

The goal was to reach people who were looking for a new form of musical entertainment, and the project was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Not only were contribution tapes coming in rapidly, but the sales of the assembled cassette tapes were very promising. People all over the globe were looking for this kind of creativity! This early part of the decade went by so fast, that exact numbers are not available, but suffice to say, many people were connected because of the IEMA, and it was all done before the internet became the current mode of communication.


released July 4, 2016

Thanks goes to William Ashley Cooper, Joe Deihl, Cereberus, John Krocker, and Victor Shkawrytko for their contributions to this project.




Anvil Creations Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

The Anvil Creations name officially began in 1980 when Ken Moore decided to start offering his original music on high quality cassette tape. Recently having celebrated 40 years of recording Sound as Music, Ken has been building up a collection of albums on the Moore/Myers site, both as retro-release and as new recordings. Here, as Anvil Creations, we are offering "name your own price" albums. ... more

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